Piuma is an Italian / Finnish duo composed of Anna Bignami on guitar and Otso Kasperi Mielonen on bass. Piuma is based in Dublin, Ireland. Since the beginning Piuma has been active participants in the Irish jazz scene.

Short Bio of Anna Bignami


Anna Bignami was born in north Italian town of Brescia. From a young age Anna was surrounded by her father's vast guitar collection, so picking up guitar was a natural choice. After studying with the great Andrea Rossi for four years Anna moved to Dublin, Ireland to pursue her musical career at the Newpark Music Centre (now DCU). studying with guitarists such as Chris Guilfoyle, Julien Colarossi and Tommy Halferty she managed to achieve a 17 grand scholarship from the renowned Berklee College of music.


Anna's playing and composing is heavily influenced by her Italian roots, where the melodies flow seamlessly through the advanced harmonic structures. 


Short Bio of Otso Kasperi Mielonen


Otso Kasperi Mielonen was born in Oulu, Finland, but moved to Copenhagen, (Denmark) at a young age. Otso picked up the electric bass at the age of 13 and quickly found himself playing in different bands, always focusing on original music. At the age of 16, Otso picked up playing double bass and within three weeks found himself playing in the Carlsberg Big Band and studying with classical double bass with Ph.D. Andreas Bennetzen.


Otso left Copenhagen and went to Dublin, Ireland to pursue his education in music at the Newpark Music Centre (now DCU). Studying bass players such as Dave Redmond, Cormac O'Brien and Ronan Guilfoyle.


Otso's playing and composing music is heavily influenced by his nordic roots, where the melody is always in focus. Otso also has a never ending fascination with rhythm, which is also evident in his compositions and playing.

Our History


Piuma started as a mutual love for playing in a duo setting, exploring its possibilities. Playing in a duo is really challenging, but arguably one of the most fruitful. In this setting every decision has a radical impact on the development of the music, which gives both musicians an ability to change the direction at anytime.




Our vision with Piuma is to explore various styles of music in a duo setting. Piuma is our vehicle to exploring the music of Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia and more, letting the music of different cultures intertwine with one another.



Piuma offers a variety of services.


  • Weddings / Receptions
  • Birthday Concerts
  • Instrumental Lessons
  • Lessons in Harmony and Rhythm

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